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At the beginning of each season, the line chef will go around the entire staff and get the chef the rank he or she believes the line cook deserves. Often times the line cook will get bumped down a few ranks because they failed to meet a particular quota.

Another job responsibility of the line chef is to constantly improve the quality of the food. The cook will cook more food for each guest and this will make them seem like the star of the dinner. Since the restaurant works hard to project the image of the star of the dinner, the line cooks will often times play the star.

So, why is a line chef needed in the first place? Well, for the most part this is a chef who is on the outside of the restaurant and not involved in any kitchen activities. They are usually called a line cook because they tend to act as the bridge between the executive chef and the rest of the staff.

A line cook may sometimes be asked to prepare the meals, however, many times they will be responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly and that the food is a quality product. There is no such thing as a fast food restaurant.

Sometimes the line cook will be asked to come up with a special menu for the holidays, or even the Christmas break. Many times the waiters or users are not trained to cook, so the line cook will create a special menu that is both tasty and practical. Again, the line cook is doing the work of the executive chef and taking the stress off of him.

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